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February 7, 2021

A new partnership

WOLF GmbH joins our network of companies for sustainability

On the occasion of the beginning of the UN Ocean Decade, WOLF GmbH has added its name to the list of companies supporting the One Ocean Foundation’s projects and initiatives in defense of the health of our oceans. WOLF GmbH joins our network of companies that are leaders in their respective sectors, such as Allianz, Rolex, Intesa San Paolo, Esselunga and many others.


With state-of-the-art heating and ventilation technologies, WOLF GmbH sets global standards in the field of energy efficiency and climate friendliness. The Mainburg-based company is determined to engage in sustainability commitments beyond its operations by putting focus on protecting the world’s oceans. “More than 20 per cent of the energy consumed in Europe can be traced back to the heating and cooling of private households,” commented Dr Thomas Kneip, Chairman of the Management Board of WOLF GmbH. Huge amounts of energy and CO2 can be saved by using groundbreaking heat pumps, climate-friendly condensation boiler technology, solar thermal energy and efficient room ventilation systems with heat recovery. Reductions in CO2 emissions are not only important to reduce global warming, but also to slow down ocean acidification, a major ocean issue leading to the decline of biodiversity and ecosystem productivity.


“Our efforts to enhance sustainability cover more than our innovative products and internal improvement projects. As a company active all over the world, we realize our responsibility to get involved in global projects that protect the climate and environment and conserve resources. We believe ocean conservation is a cause worth supporting – after all, we live on a blue planet with the oceans covering around 71%. Many people do not know how much the oceans influence our climate and how much they contribute to producing the oxygen we breathe. With the help of the Foundation, we want to draw attention to ocean issues and work to protect this life-supporting system. The One Ocean Foundation gives us an opportunity to roll up our sleeves together with many energetic partners and make an effective contribution through jointly developed initiatives” Kneip added.


Jan Pachner, General Secretary at the One Ocean Foundation emphasizes: “The partnership with WOLF GmbH strengthens our international network of companies that are actively committed and engaged in the development and implementation of environmentally friendly solutions. Our goal is to raise awareness on the importance of the oceans accelerating solutions, technologies and innovations, considering the important role of companies in every industry to foster a sustainable transformation. We are extremely happy to continue our journey with WOLF GmbH on board”.


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