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15 July 2021

“Amo” Exhibition: 14 sculptures of endangered marine megafauna

To raise the awareness about the relevance of these species for the health of our oceans

One Ocean Foundation will be scientific partner at Vincent Mock’s exhibition “AMO”, 14 life-size sculptures which will be installed along the coastline of Costa Smeralda and, especially, in Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo from July to September 2021.

The largest piece of the exhibition, the whale-shark, will be visible at Phi Beach starting from July 10th.

The artworks, entirely created with fishhooks that symbolize humankind’s destruction of marine environments, are a celebration of large marine animals threatened by human action. Indeed, in the last 50 years the global abundance of oceanic sharks and rays has diminished by 71%, whereas it is estimated that, in the Mediterranean, fishing activities are responsible each year for the incidental catch of some 130 000 marine turtles, leading to more than 40 000 deaths.

The goal of the open-air exhibition, which will be open to the public, is to raise the awareness around marine species particularly threatened by underlining their importance for the future of our planet and for marine ecosystems, so as to implement tangible solution for their protection.

By participating as scientific partner, One Ocean Foundation supports the exhibition through educational materials and further spreads its mission and the relevance of promoting a deeper knowledge of oceans, to fully understand the role of various species hence to find direct solutions to problems affecting them.

Among the other partners of the event there will be Allianz and Mecar and profits will be donated to Sea Shepherd Organization.

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