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Blue Economy

Global launch of the Great Blue Wall

Movement launched to conserve and restore marine and coastal biodiversity while unlocking the development of a regenerative sustainable blue economy   At the UNFCCC COP26

The future is sustainable profit

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, a concept now firmly established in the financial sector as a basis for judging the sustainability of investments.

Mapping the ocean

It is estimated that only about 5 per cent of the ocean has been explored by mankind. The vastness of the ocean, as well as

The potential of the prickly pear

The humble prickly pear cactus, prevalent throughout South America and across the Mediterranean, has been reimagined by one local Mexican company as a sustainable biofuel.

The Blue Economy

We live on a blue planet. Oceans and seas cover about 75% of the Earth’s surface and contain 97% of all available water. They produce

Making profit from ocean sustainability

As the world grapples with climate change and an economic downturn, new research from the World Resources Institute suggests that sustainable ocean-based investments will yield


Water Resilience

CEOs of seven global corporations to lead the Water Resilience Coalition, pledging a commitment to collective action and net positive water impact by 2050 The

No more business as usual

“Walk into the board room of a typical Fortune Global 500 company today and the talk will be about today’s challenges. In an environment that