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Global Warming

Warming Oceans are Changing Ocean Soundscapes

Climate change will significantly alter how sound travels underwater, potentially affecting natural soundscapes as well as accentuating human-generated noise, according to a new global study

The Arctic Ocean: a blue carbon sink

A new NASA-funded study published last month in the journal ‘Science’ seemingly confirms that the Southern Ocean is soaking up more carbon dioxide (CO2) from

Coral reefs: a biodiversity nursery

Coral reefs support more biological diversity than any other marine ecosystem in the world and provide life support to hundreds of millions of people in

Corals : the architects of the sea

“Corals are the ‘architects’ of the marine environment” explains Annalisa Azzola, PhD in Marine Science and Technologies at DISTAV, University of Genoa, “They build entire habitats

As Oceans Warm, Jellyfish Swarm

While many species are facing extinction due to climate change and other ecologically destructive human activities, jellyfish are not among them. This species emerged in the world’s oceans at least