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Global Warming

Corals : the architects of the sea

“Corals are the ‘architects’ of the marine environment” explains Annalisa Azzola, PhD in Marine Science and Technologies at DISTAV, University of Genoa, “They build entire habitats

As Oceans Warm, Jellyfish Swarm

While many species are facing extinction due to climate change and other ecologically destructive human activities, jellyfish are not among them. This species emerged in the world’s oceans at least

Plankton head polewards

Plankton plays a key role in the marine ecosystem and food web: phytoplankton uses photosynthesis to fix carbon dioxide and are a food source to

Bottom water formation

Changes in temperature, as well as other factors such as increased evaporation (leading to higher salinity) and increased freshwater content due to melting (leading to

Coral Bleaching

Coral reefs heavily support the economic, social and cultural services of the countries in which they exist and often account for large portions of GDP. Ocean

Carbon cycle disruption

The IPCC Earth System Model has reported high confidence that a positive feedback loop exists between increasing temperatures and the global carbon cycle led predominantly