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Marine Pollution

Ghost nets

Ghost nets are fishing nets or lines that’s have been lost or abandoned in the ocean. Each year they are responsible for trapping and killing

Plastic Debris in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is considered a hot spot for plastic pollution. This is likely due to its densely populated coastlines, fishing, shipping, tourism, and a

About marine debris & pollution

Currently, we estimate a total of approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter our ocean every year. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation together with the World

Nutrient pollution

This type of pollution is caused by the over enrichment of water with nitrogen and phosphorus, usually coming from land based activities such as agriculture,

Saving the Oreto River

Igor D’India – explorer, videomaker and One Ocean Foundation ambassador – has embarked on a decade-long journey to save the Oreto river in Palermo. Cleaning

Protect the coral reefs

Oil spills like the one which took place in Mauritius on July 25th have a devastating impact on coral reefs which are fundamental to marine

End waste entering the ocean

A large amount of plastic debris has accumulated in the ocean and become the most visible sign of modern society’s environmental footprint. Visually striking images

Don’t discard the mask

The increase in disposable face masks and gloves being used to prevent the spread of coronavirus is threatening the health of oceans and marine life,

Clean from top to bottom

“What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over”, but what about the bottom of our seas? Of the enormous amount of waste that