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Ocean Literacy

Nature’s Solution to Climate Change

Marine biologists have recently discovered that whales – especially the great whales – play a significant role in capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Whales accumulate

Carbon cycle & sequestration

Another important role of the ocean is its ability to cycle and sequester carbon. The deep water and benthic sediments of the ocean are by

Ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is caused by an increase in atmospheric CO2 entering the water. The ocean absorbs roughly 30% of all anthropogenic carbon dioxide, with the

Ocean biodiversity

Even though humanity’s actions to date have not always reflected it, many of us deeply appreciate the intrinsic value, biodiversity and beauty of the ocean. This

About sea-level rise

Increase of ocean heat content has been a large contributor to global mean sea-level rise, about 30%, due to thermal expansion of sea water as

How the ocean produces oxygen

Marine microorganisms certainly play the most disproportionate role in the primary production of oxygen, even though they make up less than 1% of global biomass.

The thermohaline circulation

The ocean is the planet’s largest store of water, heat and carbon and therefore plays a most fundamental role in regulating global climate.The ocean and the

Why is the ocean so important?

The oceanographer Sandro Carniel, member of the Scientific Committee of One Ocean Foundation, answers four basic questions: Why is the ocean so important? Why is

The deep sea coral reefs

Mention coral reefs and we all tend to think of underwater forests just beyond the surf. But if you could venture further out into the

The lost decade for nature

The world has failed to meet a single target to stem the destruction of wildlife and life-sustaining ecosystems in the last decade, according to the