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9 December 2021

FIV and One Ocean Foundation, a partnership for marine preservation

The collaboration between the Italian Sailing Federation and One Ocean Foundation, which becomes Official Sustainability Partner, was formalized.

With the common aim of protecting the sea and spreading the culture of its preservation through good practices, FIV and One Ocean Foundation intend to collaborate in order to promote the principles of marine ecosystem protection, the values of the Charta Smeralda and, more generally, awareness activities on issues related to the marine preservation. A multi-year collaboration which will also allow the sharing of data and scientific content through the support of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation.

The first common commitment will concern the training of the federal technical officers that will be sensitized to sustainability by One Ocean Foundation.

FIV President Francesco Ettorre: “This year we have started a path that must necessarily put at the center of our projects a sustainable development of all activities related to the sailing world. Counsellor Flavia Tartaglini has worked hard to bring to the attention of the Federal Council ideas that could be developed together with the Sustainability Commission.  This awareness, which has gradually grown, has led us to identify the ideal partner to undertake this process: One Ocean Foundation has been able to focus on environmental issues in a dynamic and always proactive way. The work is going to be long and challenging, today we have just made it official,  an idea that we will develop together with friends of One Ocean Foundation.”

Riccardo Bonadeo, One Ocean Foundation Vice President: “This partnership strengthens the relationship with FIV which has begun since the birth of OOF in 2018 when FIV embraced immediately the importance of sea protection by signing the Charta Smeralda on the same day of its presentation. For our Foundation, young people are one of the main pillars, we must leave our sea in a better conditions and we will only be able to do it thanks to them. I thank the president Francesco Ettorre and the referent for sustainability, Flavia Tartaglini, for wanting to develop initiatives to protect the sea together with One Ocean Foundation.”


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