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April 9, 2021

Italian National Sea Day

On April 11th the sea makes its way into Italian schools

Established in 2018, the National Sea Day aims to raise awareness among young people through activities and discussions organized in collaboration with the General Command of the Coast Guard in order to develop the concept of “citizenship of the sea”. The aim is to make students in all types of schools, including those located far from the coast, “active” citizens of the sea and promoters of its conservation.

To mark this day, educational institutions are urged by the Ministry of Education, University and Research to undertake informative activities on the theme of preservation of the marine environment, and to get involved in the many activities promoted by the Port Authorities as well as the numerous yacht clubs and sailing clubs, marinas, and many sporting and scientific associations which in recent years have celebrated the National Sea Day, transmitting the values of marine conservation to young people.

One Ocean Foundation is also on the front line in this mission, with two educational projects: “The adventure of water”, launched last December in collaboration with Esselunga, and “The sea starts here“, presented in February in Cortina during the Alpine Skiing World Cup, which offers all Italian schools support and materials for lessons on responsible behavior towards the sea, including for those who live far from the coast.

The National Sea Day has a special significance in 2021 as the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) gets underway. The initiative is promoted by the United Nations to mobilize the scientific community, governments, the private sector and civil society on the issue of protecting the health of our oceans.

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