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March 5, 2021

Ocean Night Events

With the Youth Association for UNESCO

One Ocean Foundation signs a partnership with the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO and presents “Ocean Night”: a series of events dedicated to the sea, designed to spread awareness of the role of each of us, in particular sensitizing the new generations for the protection of the environment and the safeguarding of the oceans.

The events will take place in several Italian cities to relaunch and support the #unite4earth campaign, launched at the UNESCO Youth Forum in Trieste in April 2019.

Saturday, July 27thin Rome will take place the first “plastic free” happy hour, within the prestigious event “L’ Isola del Cinema” at the Tiber Island, where representatives of One Ocean Foundation will be present and will share with the public the important message of the Foundation for the protection of the marine environment.

Participants will be allowed to access the campaign content live through multimedia and video.

To follow, the next stages of the project: in Venice in September, in Trieste in October, in Milan in November, in Bari in December, in Olbia in January, in Terni in February and finally in Parma in March.”

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