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A Sea of Cetaceans

Bringing the Canyon of Caprera to schools

  • < 1 minutes

The One Ocean Foundation and SeaMe organize visits to Italian schools with an educational project aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the marine ecosystem, with a specific focus on cetaceans and the “Canyon of Caprera” project.

For the students of the institutions involved it is a chance to discover the cetaceans that live off Sardinia, and to understand the impact noise pollution and waste from human activity have on the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.

Through data, images, videos and firsthand accounts, students are able to get lost in the world of cetaceans for a couple of hours, getting to know the Canyon of Caprera and the importance of the offshore areas that are closely interconnected with coastal zones and fundamental for the development of the population of cetaceans.

Each of the institutes involved undertakes to respect the marine ecosystem through the signing of the Charta Smeralda. This leads to a concrete commitment on the part of pupils to safeguard marine ecosystems.

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