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August 13, 2020

Support the One Ocean Foundation

Find out about the different ways to contribute to our projects

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Donating to the One Ocean Foundation means participating in our projects to safeguard the sea.

Safeguard from what? From pollution first of all. Every day we seek to defend marine ecosystems from the indifference and lack of information of individuals, and above all companies. Thanks to a privileged network of partners in the economic world and the support of a scientific committee, we have created an open dialogue with the business sector, through which we try to explain, using scientific evidence and the support of experts, that a sustainable economy is also a cost-effective one.

Donating to the One Ocean Foundation means actively participating in one of its many projects, from international forums aimed at demonstrating to companies the benefits of the blue economy – and where guidelines are drawn up for a sustainable future – to courses in schools, support for individual initiatives to clean up the sea, from the coasts to the seabeds, and scientific research projects such as the Canyon of Caprera scheme.

There are two different ways to donate and participate. Through this site, including by making purchases from our online shop.

Alternatively, on the website you can make periodic donations and at the same time participate in draws for prizes such as travel and invitations to social and sporting events.

By donating to the One Ocean Foundation, you can contribute directly to outreach projects that combat the indifference and lack of information on the current state of health of the sea and the urgent need to intervene on different levels to ensure a future for generations to come.

You too can become an Ocean Defender: sign the Charta Smeralda and choose to donate through this site or Wishraiser.

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