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April 11, 2020

The Krill of the Antarctic

Large species depend on little ones

  • < 1 minutes
Il Krill

The term krill (of Norwegian origin) refers to several species of sea creatures. These small crustaceans live in all the oceans of the world, and are particularly concentrated in cold and polar waters. They are important because they make up zooplankton, the primary food source for countless species of fish, especially small oily fish, whales, manta rays, whale sharks, seals and marine birds.

Krill is abundantly fished by humans to be used in supplements – since it is rich in Omega3 – as feed for aquaculture and breeding in aquariums, and as bait for fishing. In Japan and eastern Russia it is consumed as food.

This video, presented by marine biologist Rob King, an expert on krill from the Australian Antarctic Division, shows a study on the effect of C02 and rising water temperatures on the reproductive capacity of krill, without which the entire Antarctic ecosystem would collapse.

Watch the video

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