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27 July 2021

The new partnership with Aurora fellows for the Ocean Generation

A collaboration to involve 500 young people of the Sardinia region in the project Aurora

Homo Ex Machina, a foundation that aims to spread the values of collaboration and cooperation between people and activities of education, training and research, joins the network of realities that support the mission of One Ocean Foundation.

The Hexma Foundation is in fact the promoter of the European project Aurora Fellows, a three-year training program dedicated to young people between the ages of 15 and 20 with a strong interest in the world of entrepreneurship, that offers them a path of awareness and personal growth to bring them closer to the corporate world guided by a vision of the sustainable future.
Thanks to the new partnership with One Ocean Foundation, Aurora Fellows will involve 500 young people from the Sardinia region, to further spread the focus on the development of a more aware behavior towards the sea.

The collaboration aims to combine the training of young people , part – to quote an expression used by the United Nations – of the so-called Ocean Generation, with the mission of One Ocean Foundation: promoting greater knowledge of the oceans through Ocean Literacy. The aim is therefore to develop in the participants a specific awareness of some issues related to the ocean, in particular marine pollution, innovation and blue technologies. In addition, to further deepen the issues and underline their importance, encounters with international sustainability leaders will be promoted to stimulate the young partecipants.

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