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September 11, 2020

The Progress of Nature

Live streaming from the island of Caprera with Alex Bellini, Hervé Barmasse and Johanna Maggy.

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Audi is organizing three days of live streaming, from 12 to 14 September 2020, from Sardinia: talks, lectures and research activities relating to microplastics and supervised by the CNR (National Research Centre). The live stream will be avilable on, in the “FUTURE IS AN ATTITUDE” area, where registered users will have the opportunity to interact with questions and comments, to participate in surveys, and to delve into and share the content presented.


The programme

September 12, Saturday, 6:30 pm  ALEX BELLINI, One Ocean Foundation Ambassador, with “EXPLORE THE OCEAN – From exploration to dissemination for a more sustainable future”.

Followed by “Microplastic Analysis” by Sandro Carniel


September 13, Sunday, 9:00 am  – JOHANNA MAGGY with ” BE MINDFUL – Mindful Ocean Class”


September 13, Sunday, 6:30 pm – HERVÉ BARMASSE with “PUSH YOUR LIMITS” – The value of performance in harmony with nature”.


The scientific side and in-depth information on microplastics 

The Scientific Committee of the One Ocean Foundation is represented by Sandro Carniel, an international oceanographer and scientific popularizer, head of the Research Division at the NATO STO CMRE in La Spezia, Head Researcher at the CNR of Venice, and Director of Research at the Institute of Polar Sciences. The author of over 250 publications and international scientific papers, Sandro Carniel holds lectures and carries out research activities related to microplastic pollution in our seas.

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