The second step of the Educational Tour of One Ocean Foundation took place in Alassio

Alassio, May 20th2019: The Educational Tour of One Ocean Foundation, created from the partnership with Audi on the occasion of the Vela Festival of Santa Margherita Ligure (GE), arrived in Alassio (SV) after the initial step in Lerici. During the second stage of the Tour, the Ambassador of One Ocean Foundation, the well-known Italian sailor and helmsman of Azzurra Mauro Pelaschier and his team involved the public Middle-Schools of the city in a series of useful initiatives for the protection of the sea, in particular concerning the harmfulness of disposable plastic, paying attention to the problem of marine littering and coastal pollution. In the afternoon, Pelaschier and his team were hosted at the headquarters of the Municipality of Alassio, where they explained the fundamental points of the Charta to various institutions of the area and the commitment to respect its core principles was unanimous.