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March 5, 2021

Tour Educational

Sustainability on the road

The first stage of the Tour Educational of One Ocean Foundation, the project which aims to raise awareness of the principles of safeguarding the sea, was based in Lerici.

On the occasion of the “Veleggiata Chicécé” organized by Circolo Vela Erix of Lerici, One Ocean Foundation informed over 70 young students of the High-School Cardarelli, accompanied by professors and the Principal, about the importance of protecting the sea as an environment not only for entertainment, but also for the future economic source of livelihood.

This event was sponsored by the Assessor of Tourism and Economic Development Luisa Nardone, the Mayor Leonardo Paoletti, President of the Circolo Erix Carlo Stefanini, and the leader of the section of Lerici of the naval league, Maurizio Moglia.

The principles of the “Charta Smeralda” were illustrated and shared with the audience by an important Ambassador of One Ocean Foundation, Mauro Pelaschier, famous Italian sailor and helmsman of Azzurra. The Municipality of Lerici, in particular the Mayor Paoletti, has undertaken to respect them with the subscription of the Charta, emphasizing the necessity to prevent the coastal and marine pollution caused by fuel, to protect and preserve natural and marine habitats and to adopt a sustainable and responsible behavior, educating and involving the next generations and confirming their contribution to the environmental culture.

The Mayor Paoletti has in fact announced the two new amendments that provide to ban smoking along the coasts and the single use of plastic near the beaches of the Municipality of Lerici.

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