One Ocean Foundation Summit Young, 2022 Edition.

More than 400 students participated ala the second One Ocean Summit Young. Here's how it went..

Milan, November 25th, 2022

On November 25, 350 students attended the second edition of our event dedicated to schools and the ocean, the #OneOceanSummitYoung, which took place at Teatro Franco Parenti under the patronage of the City of Milan. The Summit was opened by Sandro Carniel, oceanographer and member of our scientific committee, who presented our One Ocean Young educational project and launched the One Ocean challenge 2022.

Behind the scenes of the One Ocean Summit Young 2022
Key quotes from our speakers
"Commitment and love for the ocean has no borders and the city of Milan is at the forefront of tackling the issue.”
Anna Scavuzzo
Deputy Mayor City of Milan
“Our actions can have positive consequences if we collectively act for the best of our planet."
Federica Gasbarro
Biologist, Green Influencer, Author and Disseminator
"What better opportunity than today to invite and inspire young people to become the new professionals for ocean protection."
Martina Rogato
W7 Climate Chair (G7) and W20 Italy Delegate (G20)
"I think that popularizing scientific information, espescially towards the younger generations, is the scientist’s goal”
Laura Basconi
Marine Biologist and Ecologist
"Promoting citizen science is key to making sure that citizens, from the oldest to the youngest, actively participate in scientific research."
Ginevra Boldrocchi
One Ocean Foundation Scientific Coordinator
"I'm here today as an ordinary person to testimony that we can all play take part in saving the ocean."
Giulia Arena
Actress and Host
One Ocean Young Challenge 2022

The One Ocean Young Challenge is open to all students of classes III, IV and V High School. Participation is open to individual candidates, but also to groups of up to 6 students. From all submissions, our jury of expert scientists, artists and journalists will chose a winning work.

Sea and Science


The goal of this year's challenge is to propose a short and easily implementable scientific study that considers "citizen science" as method of data collection. A study that can help in the search for concrete answers to current ocean issues or be a starting point for specific new research.

The winning proposal will be published on One Ocean Foundation's website and social channels and will be carried forward into 2023 with the support of One Ocean Foundation's Scientific Committee and Foundation partners who will help in the process of scientific validation, data acquisition, scientific analysis of what emerged, and to their eventual publication in a scientific journal.


Send a power point presentation in pdf format of the proposal to the email address

Premio Donnambiente

On the occasion of the second edition of the One Ocean Summit Young, the Foundation hosted the seventh edition of the "DonnAmbiente" Award, an award conceived by 5 Terre Academy and dedicated to the enhancement of women who make science and environmental popularization their work. 

This year's awardee was Federica Gasbarro, biologist, activist, "green influencer" who received the prestigious award precisely for her ability to dialogue with the younger generation by always characterizing her speeches with precise and rigorous scientific information. 

The young winner was joined on stage by Martina Rogato, Laura Basconi and Giorgia Bollati that took part on. Each of the speakers gave testimony of how young women can be actively involved in the dissemination of knowledge on environmental sustainability and answered to the questions made by the students in the public.

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