The Educational Project
One Ocean Summit – YOUNG is an opportunity for young people to learn, compare, inspire and act on the sea, in line with the One Ocean Foundation’s values ​​of: Knowledge, Awareness and Impact. A morning for children aged 15 to 18 entirely dedicated to the sea, where they can discover guided by experts in the sector, be inspired by tales of the sea, and discuss the future of blue careers.
The Format
The summit begins with a first part dedicated to knowledge, with educational and motivational talks by our advisors and ambassadors, expert scientists and marine professionals. We then wish to give the word to young people on the future of the sea and the blue generations, continuing through awareness with moderate panels, where students are invited to prepare some questions that can lead to expert scientists, sportsmen and environmental communicators. The summit then ends with the impact of innovative ideas

We meet up with Ocean experts to discover the state of our Ocean and listen to the stories of sportsmen and women, and sailors who live in the Ocean everyday.


We discuss with experts in an open dialogue on our role in protecting the Ocean and on the future of our blue careers.


We announce challenges and experiences in the sea, to allow young people to live the coastline and be the difference through their talents.

One Ocean Young Challenge
We believe in mobilizing young people for the future of our Planet Ocean and we also believe in multidisciplinarity, because to protect the sea we need to work like it: without barriers. For this reason, we have created a challenge where young people become protagonists of change, and where the different school disciplines become keys of reading and interpretation for the conservation of the sea.
To protect the sea we need to act without barriers. This is why we have created a challenge that makes young people the protagonists of change.
The One Ocean Young Challenge was open to all students of classes III, IV and V High School. Thanks to the support of Canva, children will be able to present and tell their works graphically with an innovative digital storytelling tool.
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