Marine education for the younger generations
At One Ocean we believe that educating young people about the ocean is fundamental to understanding the influence of the sea on our lives and the influence of our lives on the sea. We believe in the values ​​of awareness, knowledge, and impact, which is why we want young people to be involved in the marathon to protect our ocean.
A step-by-step course, like the buoying turns in a regatta
We have created a step-by-step marine education program dedicated to young people, from the youngest of 7 years old, to the oldest ready to enter University. Sailing between the values of knowledge, awareness and impact we want to give access to diverse educational contents, meeting and outdoor opportunities , to all educational groups and young people wanting to become the change our blue Planet needs.
Ocean Door

All great adventures start from the coastline, sign our Charta Smeralda e sail with us.

Sign the Charta Smeralda with your organisation, and promise to act for Ocean conservation, sailing towards its protection.

Educational Kit

All you need to start exploring the sea. Informative materials, board games, educational videos and all you need to insert Ocean education in your daily life, educational program and sport activities.

Sign up with you organization to have immediate access to our educational contents for the Ocean, that we have selected for you:

Summits and Events

A variety of occasions to meet up, learn, inspire and gather action for the Ocean.

We organize special educational summits, networking events, challenges with prizes and games to bring the sea in town and inspire young blue careers.

One Ocean Experience

From theory to practice to be the difference.

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