Carlo Borlenghi
Italian photographer specialized in marine and sailing photography. He is an official photographer for Rolex nautical events.

The sea in his sights

Carlo is a sports photographer who has specialized in sailing since back when Azzurra first participated in the America’s Cup (1983). He is an official photographer for Rolex yachting events around the world, and he has also followed Giovanni Soldini in many of his adventures.

He has won numerous prizes, including a plaque from the President of the Italian Republic for “intense activity in favor of the world of sailing”.

Through his images, Carlo helps the One Ocean Foundation communicate a profound love of the sea: “Water and the sea are fundamental elements in my life, and if I had to define the sea in a single word it would be ‘freedom’. What I like about the One Ocean Foundation is the purity and the gravity with which they present each of their messages, whether it be orally, on paper or on video"

"Working on the water, I have no choice but to support an association working to safeguard the wonder of the sea. I think everyone should do it. Unfortunately, there are many, too many, commercial interests that contribute to the destruction of the environment"
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