One Ocean Foundation is an environmental sustainability project launched by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in 2017.

One Ocean Foundation (OOF) is an Italian initiative of international relevance set up by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda which, in 2017, its 50th anniversary year, wanted to launch an environmental sustainability project. The initiative culminated in the One Ocean Forum, the first forum in Italy on the theme of protecting the sea, held in collaboration with important university institutions and companies. Following the success of the Forum, the One Ocean Foundation was founded in February 2018.

The One Ocean Foundation was formed with the aim of accelerating solutions to ocean issues by inspiring international leaders, promoting a sustainable blue economy and improving knowledge of the oceans through ocean literacy. In this sense, In the last four years, One Ocean Foundation has been collaborating with high relevance institutions, research centers and universities.

One Ocean Forum, 2017

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Message from our President, Riccardo Bonadeo

In the past years, we have been faced with an unprecedented health and social challenge. A challenge that has forced us to radically change our lifestyle and to reflect both on how fragile we are, and on the impact we have on the planet we inhabit - the only one we have available.

We must utilize the lessons that the pandemic has taught us and exploit this new awareness to highlight another epochal issue, one that has temporarily been set aside but is deeply interconnected with the emergency we are experiencing: ocean crisis.
The ocean has an enormous impact on our lives, anything that harms it ends up harming our health. This is why the One Ocean Foundation is renewing its appeal to companies, associations, the scientific community and citizens to join a common mission to respect and protect the ocean.

Riccardo Bonadeo speaking at One Ocean Summit, Milan, 2021

While the virus may have caught us unaware, we still have the opportunity to react to the environmental and climate emergency, and to question ourselves on how each of us – as individuals and companies - can concretely play our part. Taking care of the health of our ecosystem is essential from an environmental point of view, but also a social and economic one when we consider the importance of natural resources for the development of many companies.

Economic development and environmental sustainability represent a combination that can no longer remain abstract, and which must be translated into concrete commitments. Protecting the environment also means preventing further future pandemics like the one we are experiencing, and which none of us would ever want to live through again.

“We still have the opportunity to react to the environmental and climate emergency”
Riccardo Bonadeo,
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More about the foundation: