The mission of the Foundation is to accelerate solutions to Ocean issues by inspiring international leaders, institutions, companies, and people; promoting sustainable blue economy and enhancing ocean knowledge through ocean literacy.

“Over the past years the Foundation has evolved decisively, allowing it to position itself in a distinctive and specific manner with regard to one of the greatest challenges of the next 20 to 30 years, which goes hand in hand with other crucial issues, such as the circular economy and climate change. It has developed an innovative line of research in recent years and identified the world of business as a sector which, up until now, has not been deeply involved in the discussion around the blue economy. It would be impossible to safeguard the ocean without the support of the world of enterprise and finance, as shown by all the policy documents of the international institutes. However, until now no third sector entity has focused on the aspect. The One Ocean Foundation has taken this route, working with top-level stakeholders and creating a network of partners, including in the financial sector, to protect our oceans.”

Stefano Pogutz
Scientific Committee President
Our Vision
We believe One Ocean Foundation can, in different ways, provide a concrete help to highlight and fight ocean issues globally.

In particular, we believe that, thanks to our important network we can develop a leading platform for the ocean protection.We think of the One Ocean Foundation, as a platform that can bring together and strengthen the existing efforts on behalf of the ocean from a collaborative, not competitive, perspective.

More about the Foundation:
More about the foundation: