Daniele Nanni
Sailor, instructor, solo navigator, YCCS sporting member with 30,000 miles covered on the Audi e-tron Mini 650.

Alone in the middle of the Atlantic

In 2018 Daniele Nanni sailed over 4,000 miles aboard his Mini 650 “Audi e-tron”. The 34-year old YCCS Sporting Member has then represented the One Ocean Foundation during his participation in the 2019 MiniTransat regatta. The biennial ocean race created in 1977 sees yachtsmen sail solo and without assistance from La Rochelle with Martinique as their final destination after an intermediate leg in Gran Canaria.

Daniele Nanni has always put his passion for the sea first: an Italian Sailing Federation instructor in the YCCS sailing school, he began sailing at a very young age and has covered over 30,000 miles.

“I grew technically by learning to adjust every part of the boat, from the rigging to the electrics. On a personal level, I learned not to give up, I experienced my first solo sails facing different significant equipment failures and found the turning point at which to head back to shore after having discovered all the difficulties of spending days in the open sea without any contact or external assistance of any kind”.

“The ocean and I are great friends and I want to do everything I can at all times to defend it, especially since its health is currently in grave danger. That’s why I became a proud flag bearer for the One Ocean Foundation, and I invite everyone to do the same, because we urgently need to change our behavior if we want to safeguard the future of the sea”.
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