Nov 3, 2022
Compound extreme events stress the ocean
Researchers have quantified the frequency of compound events in which marine heatwaves happen together with extreme acidity

When marine heatwaves and ocean acidity extreme events co-occur, it can have severe impacts on marine ecosystems. Researchers have determined for the first time the frequency and drivers of these compound events and have projected them into the future.It's not just the land that is groaning under the heat -- the ocean is also suffering from heatwaves.

In the Mediterranean Sea along the Italian and Spanish coasts, for example, water temperatures are currently up to 5 °C higher than the long-term average at this time of year. Scientists have investigated marine heatwaves for a few years now -- for example at the University of Bern. However, relatively little is known about how marine heatwaves co-occur with other extreme events in the ocean. 

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