Sep 19, 2020
The lost decade for nature
The Aichi goals to protect wildlife have been missed
photo: S.N.Pattenden

The world has failed to meet a single target to stem the destruction of wildlife and life-sustaining ecosystems in the last decade, according to the United Nations’ Global Biodiversity Outlook report.

In 2010, leaders from 196 countries gathered in Japan and agreed on a list of goals designed to save the Earth.

The Aichi Biodiversity Targets laid out a 10-year plan to conserve the world’s biodiversity, promote sustainability, and protect ecosystems. The targets were ambitious and crucial.

Humanity stands at a crossroads with regard to the legacy it leaves to future generations,” the report said, “Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, and the pressures driving this decline are intensifying.

If we continue our trajectory in the accelerating climate crisis, biodiversity will continue to deteriorate, driven by “currently unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, population growth and technological developments”.


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