The Adventure of Water
An educational project on water for Italian schools

The partnership between the One Ocean Foundation and Esselunga, the leading company operating in the supermarket retail sector in Italy, gets off to a superb start.

The kit consists of an illustrated notebook and a board game that follow, in an engaging way, the path of water from the glaciers to the sea. On its journey, the water carries a heavy burden of liquid and solid waste, which ends up flowing into the sea. The adventure of water addresses the theme of pollution and, at the same time, explores the journey of water from a historical, geographical and scientific perspective, including mini experiments to illustrate its behavior.

Esselunga is the organizer of “School Friends”, a program that involves 11,000 Italian schools, which the One Ocean Foundation will be able to reach out to with “The adventure of water” – an educational kit designed to give primary school children a deeper understanding of water, its pathways, its usefulness and the need to treat it as a precious and respected asset.

The project is mainly aimed at Year 4 primary school pupils, who will discover how man has learned to channel water, exploit its strength and navigate on it, and how rivers, seas and precipitation shape landscapes. With its Illustrated contents, The adventure of water describes the issues threatening the health of marine ecosystems, and clearly shows the young participants the positive behavior they can adopt for a more sustainable future.

The One Ocean Foundation and Esselunga are celebrating their new partnership with this shared investment in the future of the planet: educating little ones on the themes of sustainability and respect for the environment.

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