Jul 4, 2022
Giorgio Armani collaborates with the Ocean Disclosure Initiative
The project was presented during a talk hosted at Armani/Silos for Milano Ocean Week

Giorgio Armani is among the companies that support the ODI (Ocean Disclosure Initiative), a One Ocean Foundation project. As a result of research carried out in collaboration with the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab, McKinsey and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientìficas, the Ocean Disclosure Initiative is a unique science-based and ocean-focused framework that, through a system of standard guidelines and metrics, aims to support companies in becoming aware of their – direct and indirect – impact on marine ecosystems, assessing the related risks, and disclosing key information and strategic responses. The initiative also facilitates the financial community, helping to direct investments towards firms with strategies aimed at preventing and/or mitigating their pressures on marine ecosystems.

The project was presented during a talk on the Blue Economy at Armani/Silos, as part of Milano Ocean Week, led by Professor Pogutz of SDA Bocconi's Sustainability Lab and Director of the One Ocean Foundation’s Scientific Committee.

Also taking part in the debate were Rossella Ravagli, Sustainability Director of the Armani Group, Giulio Magni, Operations Director of One Ocean Foundation, and Stefano Galassi, Innovation Advisor and Ambassador of the Foundation as well as moderator of the meeting. The event brought together start-ups, creatives and young entrepreneurs to discuss and interact on ways of transforming business that ensure the sustainability of our ecosystems and protection of our oceans, grounded on scientific tools such as the ODI.

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