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Business for Ocean Sustainability 

The One Ocean Foundation's multi-year research on the Blue Economy 

The One Ocean Foundation, in collaboration with SDA Bocconi, McKinsey & Company and the CSIC, has committed to a multi-year research project aimed at measuring the impact of business on the marine ecosystem. “Business for Ocean Sustainability” examines the relationship between ocean sustainability and the economy by adopting a new investigative perspective.

The research studies the level of awareness as well as the strategies and innovative practices adopted by companies to reduce their pressures on marine and coastal ecosystems. Not only the direct pressures generated by production and consumption activities, but also indirect pressures. It also highlights the contribution of businesses in accelerating change towards a more sustainable economy.


Read the report “Business for Ocean Sustainability – Focus–Fashion Industry” based on an in-depth analysis of the sustainability reports of 28 fashion companies, academic publications, statistical data, government reports and practitioner-based literature. The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest manufacturing industries and, at the same time, it is considered one of the most polluting industries in the world.




Read the 2020 report “Business for Ocean Sustainability – A Global Perspective” a global vision of companies and their responses in terms of strategies and actions, presented at the annual event organized by the United Nations for World Oceans Day.







Read the 2019 report  “Business for Ocean Sustainability – Focus on the Mediterranean” presented at the World Ocean Summit in Paris