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Canyon of Caprera

An offshore sanctuary in the heart of the Mediterranean

  • 2 minutes

The One Ocean Foundation has launched the “Canyon of Caprera” project, supporting the association SeaMe Sardinia Onlus (, which is engaged in multi-year research on the pelagic cetaceans present in an area of sea between 15 and 30 miles from Capo Ferro, in Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda.


The Canyon of Caprera was unknown to the scientific world and was discovered during this first long-term survey dedicated to studying cetaceans and their habitat off Sardinia. Eight years of research has revealed the existence of an area that is home to no less than seven of the eight species of cetaceans regularly found in the western Mediterranean, a short distance from the Bonifacio Strait that separates Sardinia and Corsica, the only strait within the Pelagos Sanctuary.

The common whale, sperm whale, Cuvier’s whale, grampus, common dolphin, striped dolphin, and bottlenose dolphin have all been observed and surveyed. The abundance, distribution and movement patterns of the cetaceans are studied, along with the selection and use of habitats in the Mediterranean. The results will be peer reviewed and published in international scientific literature.

Delfini a Caprera

The One Ocean Foundation and SEA ME are committed to research and intend to produce a 2020 report that will allow the Canyon of Caprera to be candidated as an important marine mammal area (IMMA), in order to support its conservation.