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One Ocean Foundation supports and creates innovative projects through strategic partnerships, facilitating collaborations between companies and organizations, creating shared value.

The sea starts here

“The sea starts here” is One Ocean Foundation’s new educational program aimed at getting children involved in ocean conservancy by adding

The Adventure of Water 

The partnership between the One Ocean Foundation and Esselunga, the leading company operating in the supermarket retail sector in Italy, gets

No plastic in the Ocean

No Plastic in the Ocean is the One Ocean Foundation’s project aimed at combating marine pollution from plastics and microplastics. Creating awareness

The Charta Smeralda

An ethical code of conduct to share principles and actions aimed at the protection of the sea, from the Scientific Committee

One Ocean Forum

One Ocean Forum

The Forum, which Her Highness the Princess Zahra Aga Khan has wanted for a long time,  has among its members notable

Canyon of Caprera

Since 2019 One Ocean Foundation is committed to support research activities in the Caprera Canyon, considered the area with the largest

Un mare di cetacei

A Sea of Cetaceans

The One Ocean Foundation and SeaMe organize visits to Italian schools with an educational project aimed at raising awareness of the

Balena capodoglio

One Ocean Educational Tour

With the One Ocean Educational Tour the foundation promotes educational days dedicated to raising awareness among young people in schools and sports