Dec 16, 2021
Chiara Obino is the new One Ocean Foundation ambassador
The freediving world champion joins the supporters of the Foundation's mission

Chiara Obino, 44, dentist and mother of 2, is among the five women in the world who have reached 100 meters underwater.

During her career she has achieved 3 world records and 9 italian records, won a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze World medal, 8 Italian Titles and was awarded the Gold Medal for sporting value at CONI.

Chiara made her debut in her new role of ambassador at the One Ocean Summit Young held in Milan on November 22, where she took the stage involving the young students from the high schools of Milan in a motivational speech.

Of her decision to become a One Ocean Foundation ambassador she declared “I particularly appreciate the commitment on raising awareness among the new generations, and the presence of an internal scientific committee strengthens their value. The ability to carry out research projects, scientific contents and educational activities makes it an extremely ambitious project and being part of it is an absolute privilege “

Driven by a strong passion for the sea, Chiara wishes to be an example for the new generations and underlines the importance of taking action and spreading knowledge about marine conservation, thus becoming protagonists of change.

“I started freediving perhaps by chance, driven by a great passion for the sea, until it became a life discipline. The sea is for me a life partner whose most intimate, unknown, and hostile dimension I have chosen to experience: that of depth. There is no environment in nature farther from the terrestrial reality than the depths of the sea, perhaps only in space it is possible to experience similar physical sensations and emotions”
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