Jun 25, 2024
Great success for “Roby Clean Up” in Ladispoli with the support of One Ocean Foundation
Over 150 volunteers united for the protection of the sea

Thanks to the support of One Ocean Foundation, a significant environmental event took place on Sunday, June 23, in Ladispoli, where over 150 volunteers joined together for the sixth edition of the “Roby Clean Up,” organized by our ambassador Roberto d’Amico, a well-known surfer. The event took place along the coast from Marina di Palo to Castello Odescalchi and saw the active participation of One Ocean Foundation, which provided valuable scientific contributions throughout the day, addressing the issues related to marine pollution.

The day began with an introductory briefing, during which the mission of One Ocean Foundation was presented. Subsequently, the volunteers spread out along the coast, primarily collecting plastic, cigarette butts, and abandoned fishing nets.

The participants, including kids and families, were equipped with gloves and bags for collecting waste, managing to gather over kilos of waste from the coastal area of Marina di Palo. The main goal of the event was to raise awareness among the local community about the importance of protecting our beaches and seas, which are constantly threatened by pollution.

After the cleanup, the participants gathered for a brief talk with Roberto d’Amico, Paul Mellidi, a graphic designer and environmental supporter, and Gaia Peretti, project coordinator of One Ocean Foundation. The three offered different perspectives on the issues related to the ocean, emphasizing the importance of concrete and daily actions for the preservation of our planet.

Events like this prove to be an invaluable resource to create awareness among the local communities for the community of Ladispoli and for the protection of the marine environment. Removing waste from the beaches not only helps preserve the natural habitat and biodiversity of these areas but also represents a fundamental step in reducing pollution and protecting the marine ecosystem.

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