Jul 7, 2023
Marine ecosystem restoration activity in Bergeggi
One Ocean Foundation has started the transplant of Posidonia oceanica in the Marine Protected Area of Bergeggi

One Ocean Foundation launched its first Posidonia oceanica restoration project in early June to protect and preserve an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea, vital for both marine ecosystem balance and human well-being.

The first Posidonia oceanica restoration activity took place within Zone B of the Bergeggi Island Marine Protected Area (MPA) where a heavily damaged area by past weather events was identified, thus suitable for a reforestation project: the “Lido delle Sirene”. 

Over 2,000 cuttings of Posidonia oceanica, properly selected from those naturally eradicated from the seafloor, were transplanted on 10 coconut fiber mats – an area of about 100 mq – by the scuba diver operators of the International School for Scientific Diving (I.S.S.D) through an innovative and low-impact transplant technique. 

The Blue Carbon project has been activated in collaboration with The ERM Foundation, with the support of Osculati and with the scientific guidance of the Seascape Ecology Lab. from the University of Genoa (DiSTAV) and it aligns perfectly with the international context of protecting and enhancing the blue natural capital, emphasizing the importance of preserving seagrass meadows in the fight against climate change. 

The project is also part of a broader environmental restoration effort supported by the MPA authority and will promote awareness of the importance of this species to the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea through citizen science and outreach activities involving the local community and various stakeholders, with special emphasis on schools.

Furthermore, site monitoring activities will be carried out to collect useful data for scientific research and to assess the health and restoration status of the Posidonia oceanica meadow and the surrounding area

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