Aug 1, 2022
More Miles Less Plastic : a new One Ocean Foundation initiative
On August 10, One Ocean Foundation presented the More Miles Less Plastic project on the occasion of the Mario Formenton Trophy 2022, committing to remove 1 kg of plastic from the environment for every nautical mile traveled by each participant
Photo credits: Elena Giolai

One Ocean Foundation carries on the No Plastic in the Ocean project dedicated to raising awareness and mitigating marine plastic pollution. The environmental project consists of various initiatives, carried out together with the Foundation's partners, to maximize results.

More Miles Less Plastic is one of the the environmental project dedicated to the world of sailing and aims to raise awareness on the issue of ocean pollution while at the same time obtaining a concrete result, collecting plastic waste from marine and coastal areas. The initiative - carried out in collaboration with the Sporting Club Sardinia - was presented on the occasion of the Mario Formenton Trophy, that was held on August 20 in Porto Rafael and of which OOF is “Sustainability Partner”.

More Miles Less Plastic is structured according to a highly accountable process, through which it is possible to accurately trace the information about the location of the plastic collection. In detail, for every mile sailed by each boat during the regatta, One Ocean Foundation commits to collect one kilogram of plastic from the environment through support for local projects in Italy and around the world.

“The pollution from plastics and microplastics represents one of the main plagues for the health of our waters and constitutes a phenomenon in continuous and rapid increase. Every year about 8 million tons of plastics that end up in the oceans and unfortunately the estimates show us growing data. However, we believe that a change is still possible and that each of us can be part of the solution and we hope that this project can be replicated on other regatta fields as well. We launched the No Plastic in the Ocean project with the aim of acting in synergy with our partners through concrete initiatives, such as the one we will present at the Mario Formenton 2022 Trophy, giving our contribution by removing the plastic from the oceans and raise awareness about the proper use and management of this material," comments Riccardo Bonadeo, President of One Ocean Foundation.

During the Formenton Trophy, One Ocean Foundation raised awareness on the issue of environmental pollution through the distribution of a kit for the implementation of sustainability guidelines and practices and aluminum water bottles to limit the purchase of plastic bottles. Finally, during the course of the sporting event, each member of the crews had the opportunity to subscribe our ethical code, the Charta Smeralda.

No plastic in the ocean projectNo plastic in the ocean project
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