Oct 11, 2022
More Miles Less Plastic, the new initiative by One Ocean Foundation
Collected over 1 ton of plastic on the occasion of the 54th Barcolana

On the occasion of the 54th Barcolana, One Ocean Foundation invited some of the maxi sailing yachts in Trieste to participate in its "More Miles Less Plastic" project. Among those who participated these was Arca SGR of the OOF ambassador Furio Benussi and Anywave Safilens with two OOF ambassadors on board, the skipper Alberto Leghissa and the tactician Mauro Pelaschier.

These were joined by the mythical Moro di Venezia (this is the second hull built by Raul Gardini for the America's Cup challenge), now armed by Gianfranco Natali, Claudio Demartis' 90-foot Portopiccolo, Marco Bono's 80-foot Anemos II and Bruno Marin's 62-foot Ekita.

The initiative was created to fight marine pollution from plastic and microplastics, promoting a message of awareness on the problem and at the same time directly supporting the collection of plastic waste from marine and coastal areas.

In fact, joining «More Miles Less Plastic» involves the removal of 10 kilos of plastic from the ocean for every mile traveled by every participating of the 54th Barcolana. Arca SGR and Anywave Safilens contributed to the achievement of the target of one ton with the miles they will travel during the Venice Hospitality Challenge and Veleziana, next weekend.

The removal takes place in developing countries, where most of the plastic waste that threatens the oceans comes from. The plastic is collected, tracked and returned to a recovery and recycling circuit certificate, thus also generating a social impact, involving and rewarding local communities.

The initiative is part of the wider OOF project “NoPlasticInTheOcean”

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