Feb 1, 2023
One Ocean Foundation 2022 recap
A year full of activities, new projects and international collaborations

In 2022 One Ocean Foundation was engaged in a wide range of initiatives for a total of 106 activities carried out and 5 new projects activated, directly involving more than 3.000 people, including 700 young people. Through social media, One Ocean Foundation has reached more than 600,000 people thanks to targeted communication campaigns and promoting scientific content, always updated, on the various topics related to the problems that affect our seas.

The commitment of the Foundation is concentrated in three macro-areas: blue economy, environment and education/awareness.

Particularly, in 2022 One Ocean Foundation launched, in collaboration with the Caprera Sailing Center, the MARE - Marine Adventure for Research and Education project, sailing for 12 weeks in the Tyrrhenian Sea, crossing 23 Marine Protected Areas and carrying out a total of about 100 samplings of eDNA and plankton to monitor the health of the sea and the presence of biodiversity.

The Foundation has expanded the No Plastic in the Ocean project by extending it to sailing activities through the More Miles Less Plastic and More Speed Less Plastic initiatives through the involvement respectively of its ambassadors Ambrogio Beccaria, solo ocean racer, and Team Denmark of the SailGP circuit. As a result, 36 tons of plastic have been collected from the coastal areas of developing countries.

On 8 June 2022, on the occasion of the World Oceans Day, One Ocean Foundation launched the Milano Ocean Week; 5 days, 25 initiatives and activities on the sea with over 1,500 people present and more than 300,000 reached with social media platforms. Given the huge success achieved in the first edition, the event Ocean Week will be repeated in 2023 also during the week of the oceans from 8 to 12 June.

In the context of wider educational project One Ocean Young, the Foundation has  awarded in 2022 the young winners of the One Ocean Challenge on the occasion of World Oceans Day, on 8 June, at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan. The 40 winners were awarded through the One Ocean Experience, i.e. participation in citizen science activities in the Niasca Bay in the Portofino Marine Protected Area. In November the second edition of the One Ocean Summit Young was also held in which more than 350 high school students from Milan took part and the second One Ocean Challenge was also launched.

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