Jan 31, 2023
One Ocean Foundation brings sustainability to Singapore SailGP
As Race For The Future Partner, One Ocean Foundation joined the Denmark SailGP Team Denmark SailGP Team presented by ROCKWOOL in Singapore for the first SailGP event of 2023.

On the second weekend of January, the Singapore SailGP took place, during which One Ocean Foundation was present both on land and at sea. During the Champions for Change conference, our Secretary General Jan Pachner presented the More Speed Less Plastic initiative, developed with the Denmark SailGP Team presented by Rockwool. For every km/h of the speed record of the weekend obtained by both the Danish team and the fastest ever (this time New Zealand SailGP Team) will be collected by Rockwool and OOF 10 kg of plastic from the coasts of developing areas.

Thanks to the particularly high speeds of Denmark SailGP Team and New Zealand SailGP Team we were able to collect more than 1.5 tons of plastic waste. We also organized a cleaning of Changi beach with the support of local volunteers, managing to collect almost 100kg of plastics and garbage of various kinds and origins.

During the Q&A session with @sailgp Inspire Program kids, our expert Gaia joined the Denmark SailGP team and answered some questions about sustainability and its Best Practice.

During the weekend, various samples of plancton were collected in the Singapore Bay that will provide data on the water contamination of the area.

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