Dec 22, 2023
One Ocean Foundation's Impactful 2023
A year of great achievements and growth towards ocean sustainability

2023 marked a significant evolution in One Ocean Foundation's commitment towards ocean conservation. Through the implementation of 106 initiatives, the Foundation directly reached and engaged over 5.100 individuals, including 2400 young people, in environmental education and awareness activities, with the support of 24 prestigious partners.

Various activities demonstrated substantial increases in their outcomes, starting from the plastic collection from rivers and coastlines through the No Plastic in the Ocean initiative, which surpassed 30 tons of recovered waste in 2023.

Over 1,130 media outputs covered the Foundation's work throughout the year, including the second edition of One Ocean Week and research on the Canyon of Caprera, documenting the return of monk seals and contributing significantly to the understanding of marine ecosystems.

With the new "Blue Forest" initiative, a fresh approach was presented to highlight the importance of blue natural capital through the protection of key ecosystems like Posidonia oceanica meadows, crucial for marine biodiversity and contrasting climate change.

This year, the second edition of One Ocean Week directly engaged over 2000 people in numerous free events with the aim of promoting knowledge and raising awareness among businesses, institutions, and individuals about the importance of the sea, the blue economy, and the water cycle, confirming the city of Milan as a leader in sustainability. One Ocean Foundation focused its efforts on three main events, addressing marine conservation in three key areas: economic with the Blue Ecnonomy Summit at Bocconi University, science and education with talks and workshops at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and culture at the Teatro Parenti.

Riccardo Bonadeo, President of One Ocean Foundation, stated:

"This year, we recorded an acceleration in our efforts, and each project marked a positive turning point. Despite this, the road is still long, and now more than ever, we understand that the primary goal of the One Ocean Foundation is to inspire and engage, especially the younger generations, to recognize their significant responsibility and opportunities. Our objective is, therefore, to instill profound awareness and prompt meaningful actions by joining us in this urgent challenge."
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