Jul 29, 2022
The M.A.R.E. project has ended
12 weeks of sailing and more than 80 environmental samplings coordinated by One Ocean Foundation

After 1500 sailing miles, 23 events and over 80 environmental samples, the ONE catamaran landed in Porto Palma, home of the Centro Velico di Caprera, the last stage of the MARE project.

The One Ocean Foundation scientific team coordinated the different scientific activities on board with two main objectives: the monitoring of chemical pollution through plankton sampling and the distribution of marine biodiversity thanks to the analysis of environmental DNA samples. During the 12 weeks of navigation, the ONE catamaran crossed 23 Marine Protected Areas of the Tyrrhenian Sea, sampling 12 of these and a further 24 were carried out in pelagic areas.

The One Ocean Foundation research project aims to monitor the health of the Mediterranean Sea to encourage knowledge and protection of the marine environment, one of the main challenges of the contemporary world. The results of the sampling analyzes will be made public in order to help both the scientific community and the public attentive to safeguarding the sea to protect it more and more effectively.

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