Jul 18, 2023
The second edition of #ProgettoMARE has succesfully ended!
10 weeks of navigation, 1200 miles and more than 60 samples collected

M.A.R.E. - "Marine Adventure for Research and Education" is a citizen science project developed by Centro Velico Caprera in collaboration with One Ocean Foundation as the scientific partner. The main objective is to monitor the health status of the Mediterranean Sea, focusing on water pollution levels, marine biodiversity monitoring, and raising awareness about sustainability and ocean-related issues among the participants on board.

During the first edition, we crossed the Tyrrhenian Sea, while this year, we completed the studies on the Mediterranean Sea by analyzing the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The sampling activities concluded on July 1st after 70 days of navigation, covering over 1230 miles, visiting 5 states, and hosting nearly 100 guests. One Ocean Foundation's biologists on board coordinated the collection of 20 eDNA samples to monitor marine biodiversity and 46 zooplankton samples to provide data on the ecotoxicology of the coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The ONE  catamaran also served as a floating lab for four other researchers from five Italian and international research institutions. Special thanks to the University of Insubria, University of Padua, University of Salento, CoNISMa, Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, and Ruđer Bošković Institute for their collaboration and scientific contribution to this special project.

The samples collected will undergo different analyses and One Ocean Foundation will provide new data to the scientific community, comparing the results from the previously explored Tyrrhenian Sea with the new results from the Adriatic Sea to better understand the current ecological status of the Mediterranean Sea.

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