Jun 27, 2024
A new educational sailing project: the extraordinary experience of the LadieSailors
Eight young girls experienced a unique adventure thanks to the support of One Ocean Foundation

Eight girls from Comunità Nuova in Rozzano had an unforgettable six-day sailing experience in the gulf of La Spezia thanks to an educational project funded by One Ocean Foundation. The project, named "Ladiesailors," was carried out in collaboration with Fondazione Don Gino Rigoldi and I Tetragonauti APS.

This initiative offered the participants a unique opportunity to connect with the sea and reflect on fundamental values such as legality, food, and environmental sustainability. Educational materials provided by One Ocean Foundation enriched the journey, allowing the girls to delve into crucial topics related to environmental conservation, such as plastic and biodiversity loss.

The educators on board gathered the girls' impressions regarding environmental protection, plastic, and marine biology. "This experience allowed the girls to grasp the importance of sustainability and protecting our planet," they stated. "They showed great openness and eagerness to learn, turning every activity into an opportunity for personal growth."

The LadieSailors project is a virtuous example of how collaboration among different entities can create valuable educational experiences, promoting environmental awareness among young people and preparing future generations to care for our planet.

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