May 11, 2023
Denmark SailGP Team and One Ocean Foundation win the S3 Impact League!
The last event of Season 3 in San Francisco the vikings got crowned as they beat the kiwis in the Impact League

One Ocean Foundation's Race For The Future partner, Denmark SailGP Team, was crowned Impact League champions during the SailGP Season 3 Grand Final in San Francisco, winning with a five-point margin from New Zealand SailGP Team, winner in charge.

This victory is the result of the efficient strategy between the team and One Ocean Foundation that culminated in the launch of the "More Speed Less Plastic" initiative in January 2023: an initiative that links the performance of the F50 SailGP foiling catamarans to the removal of plastic waste from coastal areas. The Danish team pledged to collect and recycle 10kg of plastic waste for every km/h of the top speed achieved during the events; the initiative included all SailGP teams. This enabled One Ocean Foundation to collect more than 7 tons of waste.

The Foundation decided to give the collaboration a scientific spin: collect water samples on the race course, allowing to obtain important information about the contamination of the water in the different during SailGP circuit location and thus creating a preliminary map of their condition.

Nicolai Sehested, skipper of the Denmark SailGP Team, expressed his satisfaction with this achievement, emphasizing the importance of the total commitment and dedication of all team members, as well as the support and guidance of One Ocean Foundation. Highlighting that the level of competition in the Impact League has risen significantly from last season. This victory demonstrates what is possible with hard work, innovation and creativity.

Denmark SailGP Team approached the Impact League with the same commitment demonstrated during the SailGP regattas, constantly working to manage and reduce their impact, striving to change behaviors and adopt new habits. Sehested emphasized that this can be an example for everyone on a daily basis.

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