Jun 20, 2024
Explorers for a day with Cometa Association
Hands-on environmental education activities: connecting kids with nature in Niasca Bay

Yesterday, 19 June, One Ocean Foundation took 10 kids from the Cometa Association on an unforgettable adventure in Niasca Bay. Together with Gaia Peretti, project coordinator of One Ocean Foundation, the kids kayaked and snorkeled to explore and monitor local biodiversity. This hands-on experience connected them with nature and taught them the importance of preserving precious marine ecosystems.

As part of its commitment to the younger generations, One Ocean Foundation continues to promote educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about marine conservation. This particular activity took place at the Outdoor Portofino center, located in the picturesque Niasca Bay. Here, the kids from the Cometa Association embarked on an immersive journey into the wonders of the marine world, discovering the rich biodiversity of the bay and the delicate coastal ecosystems.

Using citizen science data sheets, the young explorers actively contributed to data collection by recording the species observed both on the surface and underwater, thus supporting the conservation efforts of the Portofino Marine Protected Area.

This initiative is part of One Ocean Foundation's ongoing efforts to promote environmental respect among young generations. Experiences like these leave a positive impact on both the participants and the waters of Portofino, inspiring the kids to become future stewards of our precious planet.

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