Jan 16, 2023
More Speed Less Plastic: 1.5 tons of waste will be collected from the ocean at the Singapore SailGP
More Speed Less Plastic is a new initiative in partnership with Denmark SailGP Team presented by Rockwool. For every single kilometer per hour of speed reached by Denmark SailGP Team's F50 foiling catamaran, One Ocean Foundation commits to collect 10 kg of plastic from the coasts of developing countries, certifying the collection process.

Rockwool and One Ocean Foundation have pledged to do the same type of plastic collection for the team that sets the fastest speed in each event.

Denmark SailGP Team clocked a top speed of 74.4km/hr on Sunday, meaning that Rockwool and One Ocean Foundation will divert 744 kilograms of plastic waste from coastal areas as part of the team’s new More Speed Less Plastic initiative.

Additionally, One Ocean Foundation will divert 771 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic waste on behalf of New Zealand SailGP Team, who hit the top speed of the Singapore Sail Grand Prix event with 77.1km/hr.

“After a light first day, I’m really happy we got back to our usual speeds in the F50 to kick off this More Speed Less Plastic initiative, and it’s fitting that it’s New Zealand SailGP Team who has helped to double our impact by taking the top speed of the event, as they are also very focused on ocean health,” says Sehested.

“The opportunity to work together with great partners like Rockwool and One Ocean Foundation and even collaborate our rivals on the water to divert more than 1.5 tonnes of plastic from coastal areas thanks to our performance in Singapore is really special and I hope that the big breeze will come in Australia next month so that we can keep maximising our impact.”

Riccardo Bonadeo, President of One Ocean Foundation, concludes, " First and foremost, congratulations to our Denmark SailGP Team ambassadors for their second place, and thanks to Rockwool for its commitment to One Ocean Foundation and support to More Speed Less Plastic initiative. Such initiatives not only help protect the oceans, but offer positive social impact by placing a value on plastic waste and thereby supporting local community pickers who are often located in less privileged regions of our planet."

Second-place for Denmark SailGP Team as Singapore turns on the breeze on Sunday

Denmark SailGP Team presented by Rockwool grabbed second place at the Singapore Sail GrandPrix, after a Super Sunday saw them reach their third final of Season 3.

The Danish team scored a first place and a third place to book its spot in the winner-takes-allrace, before grabbing the runners-up position behind leaders New Zealand SailGP Team.

Denmark began that race in pole position, leading over the line with a perfectly-executed start,and impressively held on to its lead in tricky conditions to grab a fourth race win in SailGP.

The second-place leaves Denmark sitting fifth overall in the Season Championship, having closed the gap on the podium spots to just three points.

“We’re still in fifth, but the ranking is looking a little better now,” adds Sehested. “We have two more events before San Francisco so we’ll keep chipping away. It’s a good time to be building momentum, and the other teams will be looking over their shoulders. I don’t mind sitting in fifth place for now and waiting for our time to strike.”

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