Mar 16, 2023
New industry review on the fishing sector is out
One Ocean Foundation is glad to introduce to you our new industry review developed in the framework of the Ocean Disclosure Initiative project

Our team is working on the analysis of the direct and indirect pressures that different sectors exert on the ocean, among which the fishing industry.

The fishing industry plays an essential role for human population. In addition to the nutritional and dietary values of seafood, the economic value of the fishing industry is paramount not only for communities living in coastal areas but also for those living inland. Nevertheless, fishing operations have several impacts on the health of the ocean that can lead to long-term and irreversible damages.

Are you aware of the main impacts that such industry can have on the marine ecosystem? 

Below some examples:

🎣 Overfishing, triggered by the increasing demand for seafood, is leading to exploitation and depletion of commercial fish stocks, alteration of food webs and several damages to the marine ecosystem

🎣 The improper use of certain fishing techniques, especially those involving demersal fishing gears, results in damages to the integrity of the seafloor and to the associated biodiversity

🎣 Plastic, polystyrene foam and fish nets form a significant proportion of marine litter produced by the fishing industry, that, if not well managed, might represent a serious risk for the marine environment

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