Oct 10, 2023
One Ocean Foundation at the Barcolana regatta with More Miles Less Plastic
10 maxi yachts adhered to the Foundation's environmental initiative to contrast marine pollution

On the occasion of the 55th edition of the Barcolana regatta, on October 8th One Ocean Foundation brought the environmental initiative More Miles Less Plastic at the world's most numerous regatta with the aim to raise public awareness about ocean pollution while simultaneously achieving a tangible outcome: the collection of plastic waste from marine and coastal areas.

Through More Miles Less Plastic, One Ocean Foundation will collect 10 kilograms of plastic from the ocean for every nautical mile sailed by each of the maxi yachts that agreed to participate at the initiative.

One Ocean Foundation is delighted to congratulate Ambassador Furio Benussi, skipper of Arca SGR, on winning the 55th Barcolana, an achievement that has further increased visibility for the ocean conservation mission led by the Foundation. In second place was Prosecco.Doc Shockwave 3, a vessel that participated in One Ocean Foundation's "More Miles Less Plastic" initiative.

In total, 10 maxi yachts adhered to the project: Anywave, skippered by One Ocean Foundation Ambassador Alberto Leghissa, secured the sixth place overall and first place in its class. Mauro Pelaschier, at the helm of the 50-foot WB-8 owned by Gianclaudio Bassetti, achieved the second place in its class. These prestigious participations were joined by other notable entries, including the legendary Moro di Venezia owned by Gianfranco Natali, Hagar V skippered by Gregor Stimpfl, Kiwi skippered by Mario Pesaresi, Flying Dragon skippered by Camillo Galiano, Ekita skippered by Bruno Marin, and the Solaris 50 La Falconiera representing the Friuli - Venezia Giulia Region, with Austrian sailor Hans-Peter Steinacher at the helm, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the Tornado catamaran class.

The plastic collection will take place in coastal areas of less developed countries where, once collected, the plastic is tracked and reintroduced into a certified recycling system, thereby creating a positive social impact by involving and compensating local communities.

More Miles Less Plastic is part of the broader One Ocean Foundation project called No Plastic in the Ocean.

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