Apr 3, 2023
One Ocean Foundation brings the sea to an elementary school in the Dolomites
The Foundation's team of biologists explained to fifth grade elementary kids the importance of the ocean.

As part of the educational project "One Ocean Young", on March 10 One Ocean Foundation's team held a lesson on ocean-related issues at the "Duca D'Aosta" elementary school in Cortina D'Ampezzo.

The marine biologist Benedetta Villa explained to the 54 kids attending the lesson the important role that the ocean plays for our planet and the challenges it faces every day caused by the climate crisis and human impact, such as biodiversity loss and plastic pollution. The goal of the lesson was to make them understand how critical protecting the sea is to protecting the mountains as well, as we are all connected. 

The children participated actively and enthusiastically, asking questions and recounting first hand episodes they experienced with their families at sea.

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