Sep 1, 2023
One Ocean Foundation meets the young athletes of the Coppa Primavela federal regatta
60 young sailors discover the importance of the ocean and its precious creatures

As part of the activities carried out by One Ocean Foundation in its role of Sustainability Partner of the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV), a meeting was held in Marina di Ravenna with the 60 young sailors that participated at the Coppa Primavela regatta, one of the most important events dedicated to the new generation of Italian sailors.

Carlotta Santolini, one of our collaborators actively involved in addressing the crisis caused by the blue crab alien species, engaged the present young sailors with questions about the sea and its condition, she revealed "The kids had an excellent general knowledge, particularly regarding plastic pollution. It is very positive to see the younger generations demonstrating such interest on these issues."

Carlotta also had the opportunity to answer questions and satisfy curiosities before handing over the floor to our friends form CESTHA, who presented "Swimming Towards the Future" and guided the young sailors during a visit to observe the sea turtles hosted in the center, awaiting their release back into the sea.

On this occasion, One Ocean Foundation collaborated with CESTHA, the Experimental Center for Habitat Protection, a non-profit research organization whose purpose is environmental protection. CESTHA is located in Marina di Ravenna and had previously collaborated with the Foundation in 2018 during the sailing tour of our Ambassador Mauro Pelaschier around Italy.

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