Oct 10, 2023
One Ocean Foundation raises awareness on the Mediterranean Sea at the CICO sailing regatta
80 young sailors lectured on the precious but fragile Mediterranean marine ecosystem by OOF biologist
Martina Orsini

Within the framework of the sustainability partnership between One Ocean Foundation and the Italian Sailing Federation, on the 30th of September 2023, the Italian Olympic Classes Championship (CICO) - also known as the minor Italian Olympics of sailing - entitled "Mediterranean Sea, a rich but fragile environment" with the participation of Dr. Donatella D'Amico, General Director of the Marche Regional School Office.

One Ocean Foundation’s biologist Benedetta Villa lectured almost 80 students from Conero High School on the Mediterranean Sea, an ecosystem rich in biodiversity that requires to be protected as that represents a vital resource for the health and wellbeing of each individual and citizen. The students actively participated in the discussion intervening with questions on the subject. The event was held at Marina Dorica thanks to the enthusiasm of Dr. Raffaella Mazzocchi, the school principal that underlined the privilege of being able to look at the sea from their classroom windows.

Martina Orsini

The ocean covers three-quarters of our planet. Climate change significantly impacts the balance and sustainability of the ocean and marine resources are at risk so are the essential systems for human health and life on our planet. ocean has devastating effects on humans and the connections between the health of marine environments and the delicate balance of human health are increasingly evident. The issue of microplastics is now considered a pervasive and all-encompassing phenomenon that includes all environmental matrices, from water to air especially due to nanoplastics, extremely small-sized particles that can enter the human organism through the consumption of fish and shellfish.

Ocean Literacy is one of the pillars on which our activity is based and, on the occasion of one of the most important regattas on its calendar, allowed us to have a positive impact on the Marche region among the young students and further activities with local schools will be implemented during the school year.

One Ocean Foundation would like to thank Professor Margherita Rigillo, Health Referent of the Regional School Office, for her commitment and operational support.

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